Where to complain about brokers?

If they have abused your investment, we invite you to contact the financial authorities of the state where you live!

Be careful not to fall prey to fraudulent forms as you risk never capitalizing on your capital! You may be called out of the blue or after entering your phone number on a website form. You might also be contacted by email or a text message

Make your research beforehand on which platform you will operate by checking: What license does the company own, where it has the right to operate, etc. being sure where your money is invested!


Check first if they are registered and their license also covers your state!

You may also verify companies that have accepted to be part of the e-pact, which invites companies that provide licensed services to give access to these details to customers interested in these services! Learn more about the e-pact by clicking here!

Apply here to file a complaint!

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